Zebronics ZEB PixaPlay 17 1080p Smart LED Projector Dolby Audio Launched

Zebronics has launched a high-end projector known as the ZEB-PixaPlay 17 in India with the intention of delivering the most satisfying visual experience possible to its consumers. The launch follows the release of the Zeb-Sound Bomb X1 3-in-1 Wireless Earbuds.

The smart projector has features like autofocus and keystone adaptation. It supports Dolby Audio and has an LED lamp that gives off an amazing 6000 lumens of light. The ZEB-PixaPlay 17 is made to give you the best viewing experience, with sharp colours and great detail.

It has powerful speakers built in, and you can also add a Zebronics speaker from a wide range to make the sound even better. It’s a smart projector with dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. You can put your favourite app on the projector and watch over-the-top (OTT) content without any other devices. It also has a lot of input options, like two HDMI ports and two USB ports. It also has an auxiliary audio output port.

The lamp in the projector lasts for 30,000 hours, so you won’t have to worry about it going out while you’re watching. Users can cast wirelessly from their devices to the projector and mirror what’s on their screen. The projector comes with a remote and can be put on the ceiling. The projector also comes with a bag to make it easy to carry.

Pricing and availability

The ZEB-PixaPlay 17 is available from Flipkart.com at an introductory price of Rs. 24,999, and the MRP is Rs. 59,999.

Commenting on the launch of the product, Co-founder and Director, Mr. Pradeep Doshi, said –

Zebronics is now one of the biggest players in the home entertainment category in India. We have one of the largest and best-selling range of soundbars in the country. To get the best home theater experience we have launched our flagship smart projector ZEB-PixaPlay 17. I am sure the home theater aficionados with enjoy the large screen entertainment at home at a fraction of the cost, bringing premium to masses.

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