Twitter Introduces Blue For Business To Help Distinguish Brands And Their Employees

Twitter relaunched its Blue subscription plan a weeks back, and it is now expanding its subscription portfolio with Twitter Blue for Business. This allows a company to associate any number of affiliated individuals, businesses, and brands with their account.

Accounts linked through this business subscription will receive a small badge with the profile picture of their parent company next to their blue or gold checkmark. Additionally, based on a list provided by the parent company, the accounts connected to the parent company will be verified and formally linked to their parent handle.

As seen in the screenshot below, Evan Jones, a Twitter employee, has a small badge of the Twitter logo next to his blue checkmark. Twitter claims in its announcement that it is enabling businesses to create networks within their own organisations on Twitter. Through this subscription, businesses can also affiliate their leadership, brands, support handles, employees, or teams.

Currently, the company is testing this subscription with a small group of businesses. In addition, eligibility criteria, pricing, and procedures for obtaining this subscription will be announced later. Beginning in 2023, the Twitter Blue for Business will be expanded to more businesses.


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