Samsung Easy Mode What Is It And How To Enable It


  • Samsung Galaxy phones come with the Easy Mode feature
  • The feature simplifies the user interface
  • Easy Mode is perfect for senior citizens or people with vision issues

Samsung smartphones use the One UI user interface from the company which is great to look at but not the most user-friendly interface. Samsung smartphones do, however, come with an Easy Mode that provides a simplified user experience. Here’s all you need to know about Easy Mode and how to enable it.

What Is Easy Mode?

Samsung Galaxy smartphones have an option called “Easy Mode” that simplifies the user interface. It removes the Samsung launcher and replaces it with a more user-friendly interface. Easy Mode is perfect for senior citizens or even those with vision issues because it boosts the system-wide font size. This is also a great tool for those who are new to using smartphones.

Easy Mode gives Samsung Galaxy users a simple method to streamline their smartphones and has long been a one-of-a-kind One UI feature. There is less mess and complexity when it is on.

Additionally, Easy Mode makes the contents on the screen larger and adds a high-contrast keyboard for easier reading. Using a longer touch-and-hold delay reduces accidental touches as well.

How To Turn On Samsung Easy Mode?

The Easy Mode can be turned on in the device Settings of the majority of modern Samsung phones. Listed are the steps that can help you turn on Easy Mode on your Samsung phone:

Step 1: To access the display settings menu, enter the Settings menu of your Samsung phone and touch Display.

Step 2: Then, select Easy mode by scrolling down. To activate Easy mode, tap the toggle next to it. The high contrast keyboard theme and the touch and hold delay duration can both be changed in the Easy mode.

Step 3: You will now notice that your home screen has been simplified when you access it. You’ll only find a small number of apps listed. By holding down on an app in the main app list and dragging it to the home screen, you can add more apps to the home screen.

Step 4: To add a single contact for quick access, simply swipe from the left until you locate the page. And you are all done.