Nokia Expands 5G Coverage With Latest Wavence Microwave Solutions

Nokia has launched Wavence microwave solutions to expand 5G network coverage in urban and rural areas. Recently, Nokia also signed a cross-license patent agreement with Samsung after the previous one expired in 2022.

Nokia Wavence microwave solutions

Nokia has introduced the UBT-m XP, the latest product in its Wavence line, to provide premium coverage in urban and rural areas for mobile operators and enterprises. The UBT-m XP is a high-capacity outdoor unit with a compact design and high transmit power, ideal for urban microwave transport.

Nokia has also launched the SteadEband, a stabilized three-foot antenna, that helps overcome common issues in the E-Band frequency, such as tower vibrations and thermal effects.

This can increase typical E-Band link distances by up to 50% and support mobile operators in delivering multi-gigabit 5G connections to customers. These products improve both link distance and energy efficiency in the Wavence portfolio.

  • Nokia introduces the UBT-m XP to improve urban coverage with high energy efficiency and twice the transmit power compared to the industry average. Tests showed a 12-km link using the UBT-m XP and SteadEband antenna.
  • The Outdoor Channel Aggregator (OCA) helps mobile operators expand their network reach for rural broadband. The OCA combines multiple UBT-T XP radios for increased throughput and improved system gain, leading to greater link distance and cost savings on antenna or repeater systems.
  • The Carrier Aggregation High Density (CAHD) card enhances backhaul capacity with 10 Gbps over multiple channels and enables a seamless upgrade from low-capacity to high-capacity backhaul.
  • Nokia’s Simplified RAN Transport solution optimizes base station and transport hardware for enhanced service and operations, saving 30% more energy, reducing costs, and minimizing site footprint.

Nokia’s Wavence portfolio offers a complete microwave solution for different use cases for both mobile operators and enterprises. It allows for a zero-footprint implementation with full-outdoor architectures and can be integrated with RAN and IP devices with common management.

This results in reduced network energy consumption, and software features and automation can help achieve additional energy-saving goals.

Commenting on the announcement, Emmy Johnson, Chief Analyst, Sky Light Research, said,

It’s no secret that capacity and radio efficiency are driving the market. According to Sky Light Research’s latest forecast, the high-capacity E-band market is expected to grow north of 60 percent in 2023. Nokia’s newest products answer this call but with the added benefit of high power and energy efficiency. The sustainability and power metrics are impressive, as they not only lower TCO but also help meet climate change guidelines.”

Speaking on the announcement, Giuseppe Targia, Vice President, Microwave Radio Links at Nokia, said,

We are further strengthening our industry-leading Wavence portfolio with the addition of these next-generation products. The winning combination of the UBX-m XP and the SteadEband offers our customers a high-performance transport solution with leading capacity and coverage for both urban and rural environments. Microwave links are cost-efficient and fast to deploy, representing a robust alternative to fiber backhaul.