Mi Clearance Sale 2022 Grab Redmi Phones At Throwaway Prices


  • The Smartphone Clearance Sale of Redmi is now live in India
  • The smartphones are available starting at Rs. 3,999
  • Older entry-level Redmi phones are available for under Rs. 5,000

Redmi has discreetly started selling older Redmi phones for less in India as part of its Smartphone Clearance sale. Older entry-level phones can be purchased for under Rs. 5,000.

Many Redmi phones in the Redmi Clearance sale are more than three to four years old. All smartphones including the Redmi Note 3 and the more recent Redmi Note 10, may be found at affordable prices. However, it is important to note that all other phones, with the exception of the Note 10 series, do not support any form of warranty or service.

List Of Redmi Smartphone Clearance Sale

You can purchase these smartphones if you have extra cash and wish to explore some vintage models. All will come with official Redmi packaging. Here is a list of every device that is being sold in the Redmi’s Smartphone Clearance sale.

Redmi Smartphone                             Price

*Redmi 6A                                              Rs. 3,999

*Redmi 5A                                              Rs. 4,499

*Redmi 5                                                 Rs. 4,499

*Redmi 4                                                 Rs. 4,499

*Redmi 6 Pro                                          Rs. 4,499

*Redmi 7A                                               Rs. 4,499

*Redmi 7                                                 Rs. 4,999

*Redmi 8A                                              Rs. 4,999

*Redmi Note 3                                       Rs. 4,999

*Redmi Note 4                                       Rs. 4,999

*Redmi Y1 Lite                                       Rs. 4,999

*Redmi Y2                                               Rs. 4,999

*Redmi 8A Dual                                     Rs. 5,499

*Redmi 6                                                  Rs. 5,999

*Redmi Y3                                               Rs. 5,999

*Redmi Note 7                                        Rs. 5,999

*Redmi Note 7 Pro                                 Rs. 5,999

*Redmi Note 8                                         Rs. 6,499

*Redmi Note 7S                                       Rs. 6,999

*Redmi 8                                                   Rs. 6,999

*Redmi Note 9                                          Rs. 7,499

*Redmi Note 5 Pro                                   Rs. 7,999

*Redmi Y1                                                  Rs. 8,999

*Redmi Note 6 Pro                                    Rs. 10,999

*Redmi Note 9 Pro                                   Rs. 10,999

*Redmi Note 10                                         Rs. 10,999

*Redmi Note 9 Pro Max                           Rs. 11,999

*Redmi Note 8 Pro                                    Rs. 12,999

*Redmi K20                                                Rs. 14,999

*Redmi K20 Pro                                         Rs. 17,999

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