How To Locate An Ola Hyper charger Near You For S1 Electric Scooter

  • 50 charging stations now operational
  • 1 lakh chargers would be installed by the company in 400 cities as part of an ambitious initiative
  • The Hyperchargers can offer 50km worth of charge in 15 mins

Ola Electric is trying to erase the biggest issue that users face on an electric two-wheeler. Yes, we are talking about limited range. For this, the company is making a significant investment in electric mobility and its infrastructure. Ola Electric has a bold ambition to put 1 lakh public chargers in 400 cities across the nation. The first set of 50 chargers are now in place and these are aptly termed as ‘Hyperchargers’. Why? You can get 50km worth of charge in just 15 mins. Icing on the cake comes in the form of no user fee for the limited time period.

Ola Hyperchargers

Although the chargers are free as of now, we can expect the business to introduce a subscription plan or a small fee in the future to charge the scooter and to streamline transactions. According to the brand, a special application will make it simple to locate a charging site, plug in, monitor the charge’s progress, and even pay for the service after the scooter is fully charged.

For now, you can locate the chargers on Ola Electric’s website. The green dots refer to the ones that are planned and the green ones are the ones that are operational. We do have a long term Ola S1 Pro at 91Wheels and will use a Hypercharger very soon to get you our experience of using the same. The company is also ensuring that such chargers come up on highways, thereby making intercity travel a reality with the S1 electric scooter. Currently, at reasonable speeds of 60-70 km/h, the scooter does not offer a range of over 150km. If you see the map closely on the website, you will see an upcoming Hypercharger at Leh as well. Wow!

Verdict: The installation of these Hyperchargers will enable Ola Electric to expand its network of infrastructure for charging electric two-wheelers.