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India is one of the biggest markets for consumer electronics goods and has multiple brands offering their product services. One of the oldest companies with expertise in electrical goods is Orient. Orient ventured into the electrical equipment markets with fans and has gradually expanded its wings in the lighting industry, switch gears, and other home appliance segments. Orient has now added a bunch of more appliances to its product catalog

List Of Latest Orient Electric Home Appliances For Modern Kitchens

Nutriblender NBCS40B2

The Orient Nutriblender NBC40B2 is a powerful blender machine with a 400W Balance Coil motor that ensures longevity of the product. This Orient Nutriblender blending machine has a solid ABS Body and ships with one 650ml Bulet jar and two 350ml bullet jars. The Nutiblender NBCS40B2 comes with speed control options and offers improved flow breakers so that grinded food items have no lumps.

Nutriblender NBCS40G2

The Orient Nutriblender NBCS40G2 is another good option for users looking for a portable kitchen grinder with a powerful motor setup. Similar to the Nutriblender NBCS40B2, the NBCS40G2 also features a 400W Balace Coil motor and ABS body material type. The speed control option for grinding is also present.

The Nutriblender NBCS40G2 comes with stainless steel jars including one bulet jar with 650ml capacity and two 350 ml bulet jars. The cord wire length with this model is 1.5m.

Chef Special 1200 MGCS 120G3 Mixer Blender

If you need a power mixer blender that can easily handle your blending and grinding requirements at reasonable prices, the Orient Chef Special 1200 MGCS 120G3 Mixer blender is a perfect example. The mixer grinder is made of ABS body material and offers shock proof usage in the kitchen. The Chef Special mixer grinder also features overload protection for motor safety along with flow breaker technology. You get three jars and two storage containers including one 1.5l stainless steel liquidizing jar and one 1l stainless steel dry/wet grinding jar, and one 0.4l stainless steel chutney jar.

Orient Aura Neo Instant Water Heater

The Orient Aura Neo heater is a vertical wall-mounted instant water heater with a working pressure of 6.5 bar and a total capacity of three and one liters. The instant water has shockproof polymer body material and a high-grade stainless steel tank.

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