Google Play Gets App Purchase Requests Feature

Today, Google announced that Purchase Requests on Google Play would be added as a new family payment option. Recently, Google Play got UPI Autopay for subscriptions in India.

Purchase Requests for families

Now, if you haven’t set up a family payment method, your kids will be able to send a request to buy something straight to the family manager. Then, you can look at the request and important information about the app or in-app purchase on your own device and decide if the purchase should be made or not.

  • If you decide to successfully complete the purchase, you can use your own saved payment methods, such as Google Play gift cards.
  • Family managers will know about these requests to buy things right away, but you can also look at them in a queue of approval requests and decide later.

And, just like with the family payment method, your Order History will have a record of all Purchase Request transactions, according to the company.

In case you were unaware, you can already set up a family payment method on Google Play, allowing family managers to share a single payment method with their family members on many Android devices.

If you choose to share your family payment method with children under the age of 13 (or the equivalent age in your country), you have the ability to accept or reject any purchases they make. Additionally, if a family member uses the family payment option, you can view all transactions in your Google Play order history.

Announcing the new feature, Madhur Chadha, Product Manager, Google Play Commerce, said:

Many families come to Google Play to find apps and games for everyone in the household to enjoy. Now we’re adding a new easier way for families to safely purchase both paid apps and in-app purchases.