Chrome For Android Tablets Get Productivity Improvements

Google has launched a new version of Chrome for Android that makes it simpler to switch between tabs and complete tasks more quickly on Android tablets. The firm further believes that we will make it simpler to switch between tabs and complete tasks on your tablets with the upcoming version of Chrome for Android.

Here are the latest Chrome upgrades for Android tablets. This comes ahead of the launch of Pixel Tablet early next year.

Side-by-side design

On a smaller screen with many tabs open, it can be hard to find the proper one. To improvise it, Google added a side-by-side design to Chrome to make tab selection easier. Additionally, the auto-scroll back feature lets you swipe back between tabs. When tabs are too small, we’ll hide the close button to prevent inadvertent closing. One-step restoring helps undo accidentally closed tabs.

Visual tab grid

The visual tab grid is ideal if you frequently open many tabs. Tabs are shown in a grid with a preview to help you navigate with fewer taps instead of in a horizontal stream. Visual tabs help if you have a foldable smartphone because the smaller screen on the outside matches the larger screen on the inside.

Drag and drop out of Chrome

Users can now quickly drag and drop photos, text, and links from Chrome into other apps like Gmail, Photos, or Keep to share and store material while you explore.

Browse in desktop mode

Tablets don’t always feel like computers when browsing websites. Chrome can always request and display the desktop version of a website if it doesn’t work on your tablet, or you just prefer it. This could unlock desktop-only features like menus and buttons.

Tab groups on your tablet

Tab groups will soon be available in Chrome for Android tablets. Grouping relevant tabs can help you keep organized and enables you to concentrate on a single job without being distracted by other open tabs’ clutter.


The latest Chrome updates are now accessible on all Android tablets.

Speaking on the announcement, Lola Adams, Product Manager, Chrome, said,

No matter if you prefer using a mouse, a stylus or your finger, the Chrome on Android experience should be as intuitive and familiar on tablets as on your computer or phone. We’re constantly exploring new ways to make it easier and more enjoyable to use Chrome on your Android tablet — whether it’s easier navigation with the visual tab grid, switching to desktop mode or finding the tab quickly.

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