Artifact App Now Available For All on Android And iOS

Artifact, a personalized news feed powered by AI, is now open for everyone. Former Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger announced a few weeks back that Artifact is similar to a text-based version of TikTok or a mobile version of Google Reader, and could be seen as a challenge to Twitter. It presents a feed of popular articles from reliable news organizations and niche blogs.

Artifact: Personalized News Feed With AI

Artifact has released a new version of their app with tools to help personalize your experience, visualize your reading history, and see what’s popular in your network. They hope to give users control over what they see in their feed, and provide a new look into what their network finds most interesting.

Stay Connected and See Popular Content: Stay up-to-date with your contacts and see what’s trending in your network. Now you can link your contacts and view posts that have been shared by many of your peers. You’ll be able to spot posts with a special label that have been read by several of your contacts.

Reading History: Once you’ve read 10 articles, you can see stats on what you read the most from your profile. Your top categories, publishers, and topics will be displayed and kept up-to-date as you read.

Express Your Dislike: If you don’t like an article or publisher, you can let us know by tapping the thumbs down icon on the article page. This will enable you to take measures to ensure you see fewer articles like it, or less from the same publisher.

No Phone Number Needed: You can get started with Artifact right away by selecting your favorite interests. If you’d like, add a phone number to your Profile to save your preferences and history. This will let you log in on different devices, or get back in if you get a new phone.


No More Waitlist! Beginning right now, Artifact is available to everyone, with no need to wait or provide a phone number. To get it, simply download the iOS or Android app.

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